Performance-Anxiety Coaching

Master Stage Fright

You have dreams. You have skills. You have heard of a voice coach, acting lessons, singing lessons, and talent agencies. And you are right to seek them out. The most important instrument you have also requires fine tuning. YOU. Master your emotions. Get into healthy habits. Take care of this person who wakes up with you every morning, and who goes to bed with you every night. Confidence is one of the largest indicators of success in all fields. Get the edge on your competition and eliminate performance-anxiety.

Handling Criticism

Growth requires practice. It also requires critique in order to practice correctly. Learn to brush the negative feelings aside, engage criticism head-on, and absorb the benefit of your audience in this program. Reduce performance-anxiety with practical behaviors you can engage in with your every day life that will help you to move through your most challenging auditions and performances with the grace the red carpet expects.

Building Confidence in your performance

Practice makes perfect. It also decreases the negative effects of performance-anxiety. Practicing your confidence is no exception. In this series of sessions, you will actively recognize your worth, your strength areas, and you will build your persona of strength from these keystone aspects of your ability profile. Success is much more likely when you move from a position of strength. Be the rock solid foundation you need to build on, and knock out performance-anxiety.

Managing Anxiety in and out of the Spotlight

Performance-anxiety is not the only type of worry you have. Anxiety is a normal part of life. It is a critical weakness, or a powerful ally. Learn to harness the power of your body’s readiness. Shift your paradigm to one of intentional and calculated moves. Increase organization, planning, preparation, motivation, and relaxation. Improve your life with new habits. Use technology to improve your time management. Confirm that you have done all you can in each project you take on. Managing your life stress at home will make the stress of your career that much more manageable.

Self-Care and Stress Management

You are the only person in your life who will absolutely be there for the rest of it. You are your most valuable instrument. You need to be taken care of. Have you taken care of yourself as well as your car? Your house? Your friends or family? Learn how to be good to yourself without sacrificing the feelings and needs of those around you. Learn how to communicate your needs, and take swift action to ensure that they are met. Understanding your stress areas and managing them with simple tools is the perfect way to decrease wear and tear on yourself as you move up in your career. It will also help you to eliminate performance-anxiety. Here’s to you!