Parent and Family Coaching

Creating the Home Environment

Children only know what they have been exposed to from the time they are born. How you set up the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, and everything else in the house is the way they believe every house should be. Every family night, dinner habit, weekly chores, and regular holiday activity is what they think happens with everyone. You have total control over what your kids believe is “normal.” Often it seems that it is impossible to have things change with your children’s behavior. It is possible simply by changing the home environment at a young age. Setting your family up for success starts with family planning and home environment construction.

Tantrums to Communicators

Often children believe that the only way they can get what they want or to be heard at all is to throw a tantrum. These awful bouts of negative behavior can be very effective tools for children to at least get attention and often to get out of situations they do not prefer. Stopping children from throwing tantrums starts with creating preferable ways for them to feel empowered. Blocking tantrums from receiving the desired effects while rewarding positive communication create a pincer attack to eliminate the negative behaviors.

Building Confidence in Your Children

Practice makes perfect. But it also requires failing and trying again. Practicing your confidence is no exception. In a series of sessions, you will actively help your children to recognize their worth, their strength areas, and you will help them to build your child’s persona of strength from these keystone aspects of their ability profile. Success is much more likely when you move from a position of strength. Be the rock solid foundation your children need to build skills and feel comfortable with temporary failure on their way to becoming confident young adults. 

Enjoying Parenthood

Many times parents come to us saying they do not look forward to coming home at the end of the day. They feel very guilty saying that but the sentiment is all too familiar. Stressful conversations about school, chores, sibling rivalries and tantrums can make coming home seem like more work than your job. Fortunately, as the head of the household, parents are able to make room for themselves to enjoy their home, and then invite the children to participate in the benefits of being a member of the family. 

Self-Care and Stress Management

You are the only person in your life who will absolutely be there for the rest of it. You are your most valuable instrument. You need to be taken care of. Have you taken care of yourself as well as your car? Your house? Your friends or family? Learn how to be good to yourself without sacrificing the feelings and needs of those around you. Learn how to communicate your needs, and take swift action to ensure that they are met. Understanding your stress areas and managing them with simple tools is the perfect way to decrease wear and tear on yourself as you move up in your career. It will also help you to eliminate the stress of parenthood. Here’s to you!