Life Consultant, Life Coach, Natick, MA

For you and those who matter most

For clients who want to grow and change their lives. Our life-coach programs use evidence-based cognitive/behavior techniques, paired with a “whole person” approach. These services are designed to help you get through a challenging time in life, work through past issues, build new coping strategies, and to change direction when you are not satisfied with the results of how hard you are working in your life.

Life-Coach and Individual Development

Learning where you are and where you want to be with yourself, your life, your career, finances, and/or relationships in life. Work with a life-coach to take control of your decisions and break through to the next level.

Group Consultation/Work Shops

Join a focus group and learn from one another. Develop skills, address particular concerns, interact with others who are meeting similar challenges to you. (available certain days/times of each month)

Stress Management

When we do not succeed, it is stressful. But even when we do succeed, there is stress involved that we may not immediately consider. And it is acting on us, constantly. Identify your life stresses. Individually target aspects of life that are working against you and develop a concrete plan of action to manage your stress and even take advantage of it, increase energy levels, and improve personal performance.