College Success Coaching Services

College Success Coaching Services

College Success Coaching is for students who want to get the most out of their own performance, their academic and social efforts, and for students who want to get more done in less time and feel healthy while in school so they can enjoy the success they gain in college. Organization, efficiency, synergy and other jargon have new life breathed into them as our clients find out the truth about their abilities: In order to be effective in college, you must successfully balance these concepts in the life you lead.

Leadership in College Coaching

What does it take to be a leader? Do people listen when you say something, or just hear it? What is the difference between respect and fear? What does it mean to build collateral? When should you be cashing in those chips? Are you ready for three things to go wrong at once during the busy part of the semester? These questions and more are tackled with college success coaching. We help you build a skill-set that makes you a Juggernaut that is respected by your peers, loved by professors, and comfortable in your own skin. This is for the bold and brave, who are ready to learn and grow.

College Stress Management Coaching

When we do not succeed, it is stressful. But even when we do succeed, there is stress involved that we may not immediately consider. And it is acting on us, constantly. Identify stressors in your college. Individually target aspects of life that are working against you and develop a concrete plan of action to manage your stress and even take advantage of it. Use college success coaching to increase energy levels, improve productivity and increase performance.

Major Maximization Training

Are you have a rising star who knows the major inside and out? Do you have difficulties with the business side of things? Don’t let this skill deficit keep them from being a valuable member of your college program. Invest in your department using the skills from our college success coaching program. Through an individually structured curriculum, and using research-based methods, strong students transform into strong leaders. These leaders will develop a healthy work-life balance, leadership skills, and strong motivation to continue growing within the major. Your professors and peers will appreciate the investment, and you will love the productivity that results from it.