Holistic Life Consultants was started in order to bring some of the best tools from cognitive-behavioral psychology, neuropsychology, educational psychology, and to blend them with an understanding of the strong connection between emotional and physical well-being. We identified the need to bring these concepts together, and so we stand out as one of few programs that maintain this balance. That is what has people talking about us!

We use video conferencing and other online technologies in order to work with you right away, in the convenience of your home or office. Distance, weather and other conditions do not (usually) inhibit our ability to make our appointments. You can choose any quiet and comfortable place for yourself when we meet online, and we reach people all over the world using this model.

What about us is unique and effective:

  • We use a wide variety of evidence-based¬†approaches with a holistic philosophy in order to deal with daily anxiety and trauma.
  • We link tools and strategies with new information in order to improve memory formation and recollection.
  • We break down concerns or stresses into smaller and more manageable parts. We link each part up with a tool or a coping strategy, essentially dividing and conquering.
  • We work alongside coaching clients, evaluating current goals, creating new ones if needed, and breaking down each goal into achievable parts, creating visible markers for progress toward each goal, and teaching specific mental strategies and habit changes with each step of the way.
  • We have an understanding that the mind and body are intimately interconnected. We use this knowledge to bring strategies into each session that include improving both the mind and the body in a holistic fashion.
  • We have developed a program that will provide you with strategies that have been proven to work. Following through with our plans of action, and mastery of the skills we teach will produce a real change in your life satisfaction.

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Holistic Life Consultants

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Making small life changes for big results!